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Hold Your Employees Accountable

Hire Kloom to set up surveillance and hold your employees to a gold standard. We will catch them in the act – not working – when they’re on the clock and help you begin to set standards in your company so your employees won’t go rogue again.



Guardian Angel

One of our expert surveillance specialists will observe your employee during the workday to make sure they’re making the most out of their remote working environment. 



Our team will get up close and personal while observing your employee as they work. In crisp, 4K, you’ll be able to see exactly what your employees are up to, wherever they happen to be “working”.


Great Resignation

You get it all! Three different camera angles,  our mobile surveillance unit, drone footage, and a live stream of the action for your entire company to see. Showcase your best employees or publicly shame the worst for true corporate accountability! 


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