Knight Watch


Over the last year, our team has collaborated with the marketing team at Knight Watch Inc. to build a new website to market their products and services in a more visually appealing way. 

Since the Knight Watch development team does majority custom integrations, we worked to ensure that the animation, video, and web illustrations were abstract and showed the processes in an engaging way.

The banner content is 100% video with additional animated elements. Our team integrated a photo shoot with a hand model and smart phone, the white digital wave sequence and a short app animation sequence.

This new website was quite an improvement from their last. We worked to enhance the imagery and customize the visuals in an industry where there is plenty of stock visuals to use.



We continue to work with Knight Watch on landing pages, photo projects and creative support. Shout out to Knight Watch’s marketing director Taylor Deary for her creative vision! 

See the live site at:

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Josh Stanton

Lead Designer

Josh is our lead web & brand designer plus photographer. He handles brand strategy ventures with clients.

Josh’s escape is to the outdoors where he loves fishing, hiking & camping. He also loves frequenting local coffee shops and breweries.