Meet our Incredible Team

We are a group of versatile media, design, and marketing types who love collaboration. Founded in 2003, our team has evolved from a small video production company into a midwest-centric full-service digital marketing team. We believe in Kalamazoo and are dedicated to supporting local companies and non-profits as they serve the community.

Digital Marketing Kalamazoo | Kzoom Team

Dan Martin


Dan started Kzoom out of his basement in 2003 providing video production. Since then, he has taken over project management and administration.

He loves traveling with his 6 kids and wife, Sara. They run a hobby farm and are always adding new animals to the lineup.

Matt Davis

SEO Specialist

Matt loves all-day cooking projects, holding one-sided conversations with his cat, and writing unreasonably large D&D campaigns. A fan of horror movies, he may have Kalamazoo’s largest (and only) collection of Laserdiscs.

Professionally, Matt brings 20 years of SEO, digital marketing, and copywriting experience to Kzoom and you may be seeing him around on your next website project! 

Josh Stanton

Senior Design Lead

Josh oversees all web design & development, graphic design and branding ventures with clients.

His favorite escape is to the outdoors where he loves fishing, hunting, hiking & camping. 

He pursues functional fitness and likes testing his physical & mental abilities through running, biking, and cold plunging. Most of all, Josh loves traveling with his wife and kids and doing anything adventurous. 

Nora Duncan | Graphic Designer at Kzoom

Nora Duncan

Graphic Designer & Photographer

A recent graduate from the WMU Frostic School of Art, Nora is passionate about design, photography and storytelling. She loves traveling with her family, exploring new cities, hiking and kayaking Lake Michigan. She also works and travels with Compassionate Hope Ministries located in Southeast Asia. 

Jordan Avery

Filmmaker + Motion Graphics Artist

Jordan primarily produces videos and handles all motion graphics projects.

Outside of Kzoom, Jordan has achieved “Master” Listening Level through Audible, successfully taught the board game, 7 Wonders, to seven individuals simultaneously, and continually hopes the Detroit Lions can win a playoff game in his lifetime.

Kiah McMeekan

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Kiah is a passionate marketer. She is a social media wizard who loves staying on top of current trends and creating intriguing content.

I love bridging the gap between a business and their community! Building relationships is what marketing is, and I love that.” 

In her free time she loves digital painting, reading fantasy novels and spending time in the woods with her dog, Luna. 

Mike Tiesenga

Creative Producer

Mike would describe himself as someone who knows a little about a lot. He loves trying new and especially strange foods, enjoys deep dive narrative podcasts and documentaries, and cares just a little too much about MIchigan football. Over all of this Mike cherishes the adventures of everyday life with his wife and two kids, and probably has a kids song stuck in his head right now.

Jonny Finch


Jonny is one of our licensed drone pilots and is also a lead shooter & editor.

He is an avid reader, writer, and office basketball guru. We truly can’t understand his freakish ability to make 98% of his shots. Jonny also loves to travel with his wife and 3 kids.

Justice Bomer

Filmmaker + Editor

Justice is a Detroit-born video editor who loves the steady-paced culture of Kalamazoo. When he isn’t cosplaying DBZ, you can find him playing the latest FPS games and shooting hoops! Justice is a graduate of WMU in film & media studies. 

Laura Koscinski - Video Producer at Kzoom

Laura Koscinski

Filmmaker + Editor

Laura is a multi-talented, spontaneity guru! She enjoys spending time with her husband watching reality TV shows, and then jumping up from the couch to exercise with her friends. She is also working to get her personal training certificate just for the heck of it! At Kzoom Laura assists on shoots and edits video projects.

She is a graduate of WMU’s journalism program.