Recruitment Strategies That Work: Video

First thing's first: Telling a story

Video allows you to tell your brand’s story in an easily digestible and enjoyable way because of its visual appeal. It is an important component of any recruitment or marketing strategy since engagement rates are unrivaled compared to other content formats. Companies who utilize video in their marketing efforts see an amplification of their message and a boost in credibility. 

The key to a great company culture or recruitment video is authenticity.

You should showcase employees at different levels and departments within your company. People want to see what the machine shop guys are saying. What about the engineers or the office assistant? In the interview, employees can discuss what they like about the company and what their daily job duties entail. We encourage you to feature employees who are passionate to work there and what the power of their role is in the company. We want to relay their stories to the world so the candidates you want will find you.

Topics to Discuss in a Recruitment or About Us Video

  • Core values or company mission 
  • Company size and potential career opportunities
  • Employee benefits 
  • Work culture

Benefits of a Recruitment or About Us Video

  • Promotes the company culture 
  • Attracts a large pool of candidates
  • Holds an audience’s attention longer than text
  • Allows you to stand out above competitors
  • Can be utilized in regular marketing channels

What to Show in a Recruitment or About Us Video

  • Energy and authenticity 
  • Staff interviews
  • What day-to-day life looks like
  • Behind-the-scenes look
  • Leadership or executive team members 
  • How your company makes a difference

Employees are in high demand right now. They are in the position to be choosy on who they work for so a company should put their best foot forward when thinking about their recruitment strategies.

How to Use Your Videos:

  • Post it on your website career page.
  • Share it on social media. 
  • Feature in an e-newsletter or e-mail blast.
  • Use it as a paid advertisement on social media, career sites, and digital marketing platforms. 
  • Create multiple versions for job-specific postings. 
  • Incentivise employees to share the video. 
  • Encourage social media followers to share the video.

If you are a hiring manager, human resources manager, or business owner, consider including video in your recruitment strategies to foster a sense of trust with your target audience. Video is becoming an expected medium for communication across the web and on every social media channel, and we want to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Let us know how we can help you with your recruitment marketing efforts!

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Bonus section!

Ways to use video for Human Resources

Onboarding, location tours, recruitment, job-specific advertisements, candidate interviews, promotional content, company culture… the list goes on and on.

Revise recruitment videos overtime.

Every few years, film a new version of one or more recruitment videos to replace the previous ones. This ensures that your company maintains an up-to-date approach to recruitment and recruitment tactics. It also allows you to retire videos that didn’t work well for your company, candidate leads, or your brand!

In recent years, we have had the privilege of partnering with long-standing businesses and nonprofit organizations that do great things in their communities. One of the ways we are doing this is by producing high-quality videos for human resource departments to recruit prospects, onboard employees, and promote their company cultures.