Strategies To Make Sure Your Website Stays Relevant

Where are your customers coming from? How do they interact with your brand? There is no denying we’re in the digital age of marketing and this means it is vital your business has a strong presence online in order to stay in the minds of your audience. And, if you want to take measures to keep your website relevant, you’re in the right place!

With the exponential growth of online accessibility, it has become easy to obtain information about not just your brand but everyone else’s. Here we list a couple of ways to increase your SEO ranking online while also providing valuable information to your customers. 

Build Your Site With Your Customers In Mind

Think about how your website is currently laid out. What pages are people drawn to? Does your website answer your customers’ main pain points? If you have multiple locations, products and services, or industries that you serve, creating a unique page for each will guide visitors to exactly what they’re looking for. This will establish your authority in those areas and make conversions because Google favors a page’s relevance and user engagement levels over keyword-stuffed content. 


What webpage do you think ranks highest? You may be thinking it’s the homepage or the contact page, but that isn’t the case anymore. Users are going straight to your Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page to quickly find out essential information about your products and services. This often leads to longer engagement times and a higher ranking for the search queries they found you on. 

The following pages are a good starting point when considering building a website for your small to medium-sized business:

  • Home 
  • About 
  • Products or Services (individual pages for each) 
  • Testimonials/Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Blog, News, or Resources
  • Contact 

Use Visual-Based Content

Aesthetically pleasing visual content is more important than ever right now. Visuals evoke emotion and improve our ability to retrieve and remember information, which makes them a significant factor contributing to the success of your website. We encourage you to add graphics, photos, and videos to your website (and social media) for a digital experience that increases engagement and drives action from your target audience. 

Focus on Search Intent

This is all the ‘back-end’ stuff to help your content be found by Google’s crawlers. In order to rank for certain search queries, you must make sure your on-page SEO elements and rich snippet data are optimized. 

  • URL Structure: Include keywords in your URL 
  • Title: Include keywords in your title
  • Meta Description: Keep this around 160 characters long
  • Headings: Structure your content with header tags to showcase a page’s hierarchy 
  • Images: Include an alt-text (keyword description) for each image
  • Internal Links: Add links to other relevant pages on your website 
  • Call To Actions: Include CTA icons and buttons wherever possible 

You need to make sure these elements contain relevant keywords with content that is human-readable and also align with the user’s goal when they perform searches. 


You want your customers to feel like you are speaking to them, so don’t be afraid to take a casual approach with some humor or personality. This encourages visitors to stay on your site longer because you’re conversing with them, not AT them – and bonus – longer engagement times increase your page rankings!

Keep Your Content Up-To-Date

Regular updates to your website will boost your page’s ranking. Focus on your customers’ wants and needs and make sure your content talks about solving their problems. Your products or services may not change often, but you need to find ways to talk about them in a way that continues to make them relevant to your target audience to stay on their radar. 


A few additional tips is to make sure all of your content links open in the right place and upload quickly. If you don’t have any backlinks through out your site, start adding some. You will also want to make sure your content is optimized for mobile devices as well as for voice searches (metadata should be looked at here) because more and more people are using these features. 


The bottom line is websites are rewarded for unique, quality content that is regularly updated so mark your calendar to do so every so often! 

Time To Make Some Changes?

If it’s been more than 2 years since you did anything to your website, we highly recommend implementing changes now. The digital world is constantly changing and crawlers are frequently reading your website and changing its ranking based on other websites performance. 

Whether you’re creating a website for the first time or thinking of having your website revamped, think carefully about what information your visitors are looking for to build a site that is user-friendly and relevant to your target audience. When we develop a website we keep your target audience in mind and prioritize their experience so your website ranks on top organically! 

Ready to elevate your website?