The Big Whoop: Three Employees Turned Five!

As you know, Kzoom turned 20 this year.
This is no longer The Big Whoop.

The Big Whoop is that three employees at Kzoom turned five: Josh, Jonny, and Jordan. The impact of their longevity has changed everything. Before we get into that, just enjoy these baby-faced “freshman” photos from 2017 and 2018:

Last month, we celebrated the five-year milestone with a fishing trip on Lake Michigan with Chris Baird, Captain of Flagship Fishing Charters.

You may have seen the fishing photos but nothing beats the highlight video

For many years, Kzoom was “only” a video company. It is through the commitment of Josh, Jonny, and Jordan that just five years later, Kzoom is a full-service marketing company offering additional services including SEO, social media, digital advertising, and some secrets we can’t tell anyone.

In his first year at Kzoom, Josh pulled Dan aside and said, “What would it take for me to launch web design services?” This conversation ended with the epic cinema-like line from Dan “If you’re all in, I’m all in,” and Kzoom’s web services were born.

The accomplishments of this crew’s long-term focus – one of our five core values – have been many. Josh, Jonny, and Jordan were central to:

  1. Launch of web design services
  2. The first full service marketing client in 2020 
  3. Pfizer’s vaccine release in 2020, with Kzoom’s images and videos published in New York Times and National Geographic, after being distributed to major news outlets
  4. Photo and video captured of a U.S. President during Biden’s visit to Pfizer in 2021
  5. Launch of Kzoom live streaming, facilitating a 2.5-hour live celebration of WMed’s 10-Year Celebration
  6. Kzoom’s North Dakota survivor story was chosen to be the #1 video featured at Stryker’s Global business forum 2022
  7. The onboarding and sustaining of ten full-service marketing clients in three years (all ten clients have continued with Kzoom)
  8. Growth of the Kzoom team from three to ten
  9. Kzoom shoots alongside Netflix at the Kalamazoo Country Club to capture PGA pros for Fore Kalamazoo
  10. Shoot in Detroit for General Motors featuring EV Hummer
  11. Surviving the Coldwater Jail shoot capturing footage inside the cells with inmates

Thank you Josh, Jonny, and Jordan for who you are and what you bring every day! Here’s to more memories and adventures in the next 5 years.

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