Videos That Tell A Story: Makers' Mart

Emotions Compel Action

When we create videos that tell a story, the first thing we start off with is a clear vision of the feeling you want your audience to walk away with. The story should create an emotional undertone that will make viewers want to follow through on your call to action.


We often storyboard out what we think the story will look like and contemplate what the script will be. Then when we begin filming, we use visuals and sound to convey the message you want to share through your story rather than stating it outright. Our videographers think about how angles, colors, audio, and people all work together to create a feeling.


This is especially key for the annual Makers’ Mart contestant video productions we work on.

Southwest Michigan First’s Annual Makers’ Mart Competition

The annual Southwest Michigan First leadership conference is designed to spark fresh ideas and motivate business professionals to new heights in their leadership skills. A unique aspect of this leadership conference is an entrepreneurial competition called Makers’ Mart that takes place within. The goal of this competition is to support young small businesses in Southwest Michigan. The team at Kzoom has been proud partners of Southwest Michigan First for 9 years because supporting entrepreneurial mindsets is one of our key core values. 

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Each small business that becomes a finalist in the annual Makers’ Mart to sell their products during the Catalyst University conference is rewarded with a promotional video produced by Kzoom. The promotional videos are played at strategic times during the conference and attendees of Catalyst University are given the opportunity to sample and buy their products in between sessions at the conference to vote for their favorite Maker.


Kzoom is charged with telling each business owner’s story to drive connection to the audience through narrative. Our goal is to showcase the “why” behind what each business does and market that. This type of messaging helps attract people to your brand. 


Below you can watch each contestant’s video that was featured at the 2022 Southwest Michigan First leadership conference. 

2022 Makers' Mart Contestants

Papa’s Peanut Brittle

Papa’s Peanut Brittle was the winner of the 2022 Catalyst University Makers’ Mart. We captured the sweet and savory snack company’s decades-long traditions in this short video. See how it all started for Doreen Gardner and stay tuned to see where Papa’s Peanut Brittle goes next!

Huey D’s Goodies

Huey D’s Goodies began with a man’s vision to support his family and be a role model to his son, Houston. They make gourmet cheesecake bites with a focus on unity, family, and community. 

Ellymay Shop

Ellymay Shop sells skincare products like body butter and moisturizers that are comprised of all natural and holistic ingredients in an effort to clear up signs of eczema, wrinkles, and blemishes that many people complain of having. All of the products sold in the Ellymay Shop is crafted and handmade by owner Jennifer Johnson herself. 

Sticky Spoons Jam

Sticky Spoons Jam sells jams made up of unique flavors that surprise and delight the tastebuds.  Sticky Spoons Jam sources their ingredients from local farms and often participates in local fundraisers and gifts jam baskets to people who deserve it within the community. 

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