Should You Use Hashtags on Facebook in 2024

Since we manage a lot of social media accounts, we’re often asked if it’s worth using hashtags on Facebook in 2024. In our experience as social media managers, using hashtags on the metaverse – especially Facebook – is a necessity! Meta has put a lot of work into organizing content on their platforms by topics and interests. By selecting topics for your reels, using hashtags on your posts, and searching content by hashtags, it’s easier than ever to find content that matters. And, if you want to be found by your target audience, it’s imperative to know what hashtags to use. It’s even more important that you use them often!

Hashtags on Facebook are useful for many reasons.

As of 2023, Facebook had 2.989 billion active users. It was ranked first among the world’s most active social media platforms. Because of the amount of activity, there’s a lot of competition to be seen. But, by using hashtags in your posts, you can better connect with the audience that matters to you.

So, why should you use Facebook hashtags?

  • Discovery: If you want to be found, hashtags are a way to put your content in front of an interested audience. By linking your content to existing topics, it’s much easier to find.
  • Building Community: Hashtags can be used to form a community on a social platform. By sharing or creating a unique hashtag, you can find people in the same groups as you.
  • Branding: Creating a branded hashtag on Facebook can increase the visibility of your business. It also makes it much easier for people to find relevant, related content.
  • Events: By creating a hashtag for your events, you can give people an easy way to stay updated on your event. You can even boost it by posting it with your branded hashtag.

Okay, but what’s the best way to use Facebook hashtags?

When creating hashtags for Facebook, you don’t want to go crazy with them! The general consensus is that it’s best practice to use only 2–4 hashtags per post on Facebook. Usually, these posts perform the best and give Facebook a clear indication of where to place your content. When using hashtags, you’ll want to be sure that you…

  • Speak directly to your topic
  • Speak directly to your audience
  • Speak directly to your products and services

An example of how to use hashtags to increase visibility while speaking to your topic…

An example of using hashtags on Facebook in 2024.

And here’s the breakdown…

  • One hashtag to the audience: #meettheteam
  • One hashtag for the topic: #employeehighlight
  • Two hashtags for the services: #digitalmarketingagency and #contentcreator

When using hashtags on Facebook you should, like, just try to be cool.

And now for the hard part: how do you know what hashtags are trending? Luckily, Facebook has made it extremely easy to find the hashtags you need. By using Facebook’s ‘explore’ page, you can search for content based on interests, as shown in the following example.

A list of Facebook hashtags sorted by interest.

You can use this feature by clicking on a topic that you think speaks to your brand. Then, search the content you see there for common hashtags, posts that are performing well, and other ways to connect with your target audience. You can also use it to check out hashtags on Facebook that are currently trending, as shown below.

A list of hashtags to use on Facebook via explore.

Creating content that caters to one of these hashtags is a great way to reach a large number of people. It works especially well when your product is related to – or addresses – an issue expressed by the people using the hashtag. You can also use it if your product or service has a larger, more generalized target audience, as it can help to narrow your focus.

Do you need help gaining visibility with your social media?

More than ever before, hashtags have a huge impact on the performance of Facebook posts. The platform is actively working to streamline content organization and aiming to make it more easily accessible by users. Seizing this opportunity, we can help you optimize your content for easy categorization, ensuring that you’re seen by a highly valuable audience!

At Kzoom, we aim to provide the best digital marketing and social media management services in Kalamazoo. Whether you’re a fledgling business that’s looking to establish an audience or you already have an audience you’re speaking to, we can help. So, reach out to us today to learn more about our social media offerings!

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